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Pilot Phase Concludes

It was a sunny Canadian afternoon, not a cloud in the sky – the perfect weather for a celebration at the Art Janse Pumping Station in Bradford West Gwillimbury. The 90-days of Pilot Phase testing were officially over, and now it was time to shut off the water. Marvin, our on-site tech, did the honors as the teams counted down. It was finally over…well, sort of.

Now, prize administration will collect the last of the site samples and results to share with the Barley Prize independent panel of judges. The review process will take most of the summer andwe plan to share the final results by late October.

But let’s not focus on what lies ahead. Right now, we’re celebrating the 9 teams who brought us one step closer to solving the world’s most wicked water problem: phosphorous pollution. Experience the excitement, relief and joy felt on site as the teams concluded their three-month-long journey.

A special thanks to the town of Bradford West Gwillimbury and Mayor Rob Keffer for hosting a send-off dinner to conclude the evening. We are so grateful for your support and hospitality throughout the Pilot Phase process, we couldn’t have done it without you!  


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